A doula/birth companion? Who for, why?

Pour mieux comprendre le rôle d'une doula, accompagnante à la naissance et à la parentalité, consultante en périnatalité je vous invite à regarder cette courte vidéo qui vous donnera ma vision du métier.

Do you desire a child, are you pregnant or are you young parents and you want to live this experience in a different way? Are you going through a particular step in your life (adoption, perinatal bereavement, fertility treatments -IUI, IVF, abortion)?

A doula is here to accompany and support you throughout your journey and according to your desires, your expectations, your history, and your values. She represents a common thread, a resource person. A doula provides practical, physical, informative, and emotional support. She offers a presence in continuity, an intimate and trusting relationship subject to professional secrecy.

A doula accompanies couples as well as single people.

She accompanies all projects and supports and encourages you in the choices that make sense for you.

Concretely, the doula can be present:

- in preconception: she can accompany you on your journey towards the conception of your baby and allow you to deposit the emotions linked to this adventure

- during your pregnancy : to allow you to find within yourself the resources to give birth to your baby as you wish, to put words to your emotions, to support you in your questions, your doubts, your desires and to accompany you in the elaboration of your birth project, to provide you information to make informed choices

- during the labor : if you wish and after validation by the medical team of the structure and/or the liberal midwife concerned and coupled with the presence of the medical staff concerned.

- after the birth of your baby : to share the emotional experience of childbirth, to offer logistical help, and/or a discreet presence, to support the introduction of breastfeeding or non-breastfeeding, to discuss and inform about the baby's rhythm etc...

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Scientific studies* have shown that having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases :

  • the overall c-section rate by 50%

  • the length of labor by 25%

  • requests for an epidural by 60%

  • the use of oxytocin by 40%

  • the use of pain medication by 30%

  • the use of forceps by 40%

Others benefits :

  • less postpartum depression

  • better breastfeeding rate and longer breastfeeding

To go further, I invite you to read the article linked below.

* Sources:

The support offered by Eclore doesn't replace in any way the medical monitoring carried out by your midwife, gynecologist, or general practitioner. A doula is not a midwife and is in no way authorized to perform medical procedures during your pregnancy or childbirth.

The support offered by Eclore commits to respect the positioning and ethics described in the charter of the association of Doulas of France.

Who I am?

I am Joanne, I am 33 years old and I am the mother of two boys.

A few years ago, I was far from this world of perinatal consultancy.

My first pregnancy went very well, I was perfectly take in care by my gynecologist and I took all the childbirth preparation courses that I enjoyed. I thought I was ready for the big day and for the future. I was wrong.

During childbirth, I often felt lonely and lost. When we got home, I experienced and saw the lack of support that young parents may experience. I then wondered about the existence of a profession that could offer future and young parents a personalized accompaniment and support before birth, during, and also after birth. I then discovered the profession of perinatal consultant or doula.

In search of meaning in my professional life, I started and trained with Mère et Monde in 2018. I got my certificate in 2019.

From then on, I support and accompany with benevolence the future parents in their perinatal journey and adventure and attend with emotion the hatching of the family.

At the same time, I am a local referent for the Maman blues association and ambassador for the association for the fight against hyperemesis gravidarum.

Self-taught, and passionate, I read, I am constantly informed. I am in constant search for knowledge and tools to best surround families. With that in mind, I took several training courses that enrich my palette and expand my services to parents.

More seriously, I am smiling and organized. I can get lost for hours in a book or behind my piano. I like to travel and practice foreign languages. I have trouble with raw vegetables. I don't like the noise of scooters. I love dancing, eating chocolate, and watching storms.

Training courses
  • Birth attendant / perinatal consultant - Mère et Monde - 2018/2019

  • Baby massage instructor - AFMB / IAIM - May 2019

  • Sleep and breastfeeding - Dalla Lana Method - March 2020

  • Bachata Healthy Fit prenatal dance with Wilhelmine Klug - March 2020

  • Continuous improvement training in children's sleep (0-5 years) - Les amis du dodo - May 2020

  • Preparation for birth - Quantik mama - May 2020

  • Transmission of care and rituals for women (rebozo and manteada techniques, uterus & yoni care and rituals) - Tata Doula - May 2020

  • Educational Leadership Summit - Nancy Doyon - May 2020

  • Promote baby's sleep - Somna Institute - June 2020

  • Supporting non-breastfeeding - Dalla Lana Method - June 2020

  • The top of the menstrual cycle - Kiffe ton cycle by Gaëlle Baldassari - July 2020

  • Mamdanse prenatal dance coach with Sonia Duchesne - July 2020

  • The sleep of the little one (0-2 years) and his parental support - Ingrid Bayot - August 2020

  • "Art of birth" workshops - Naoli Vinaver - August 2020 to August 2021

  • Seminar Physiology from birth to the 21st century - Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers - September 2020

  • Understanding and supporting children's sleep (from conception to 3 years) - Mandy Roman - November 2020

  • Professional coach and parental coach - Haute Ecole de Coaching - 2020/2021 - in process

  • Healing and growing up Scar - Adam Kenner - November 2020

  • Baby's sleep 0-18 months -  Mélanie Bilodeau - November 2020

  • Belly-binding transmission - Floriane Zitouni - December 2020