Services and pricing

Support and accompany

In our society, non-medical support is a little-known and not very widespread profession.

Nevertheless, birth companion, doula is an old profession. It is a job that focuses on helping relationships, which supports the person during one of her deepest steps of life. It requires benevolence, empathy, openness, and neutrality. I support families in their personal journey while respecting their values and their limits. My wish is that each mother has access to enlightened information, that each couple can be surrounded, listened to, supported so that they can choose what is best for themselves and their baby.

A la carte menu - Cconception period, IVF, IUI, abortion, bereavement

Emotional support session (2h)     70€

Approach meeting (1h) *     35€

* refunded if package is taken

A la carte menu - Pregnancy

Approach meeting (1h) *     35€

* refunded if package is taken

One-time meeting (2h)     70€

Prenatal meeting (2h30)     90€

Postnatal meeting (2h)     70€

"Birth plan" meeting (2h) + redaction help     80€

"Postnatal plan" meeting (1h30)     50€

Physical support in labor*     250€

Natal relief

  • during the day :     17€/h (minimum 2h)

baby holding and soothing to relieve parents, light housecleaning and organization, dishes and laundry, cooking and meal prep, activities with the elders, pick-up the elders at school etc...

  • overnight :     22€/h (minimum 6h)

the relief to help you get that much-needed rest for your body & mind allowing you to maximize your sleep.
For a breastfed baby, I wake the mother up only for the feeding time. I then take over the burp, change, and putting the baby back to sleep.
For a bottle-fed baby, I take over the whole night: feeds, diapers, burps, and putting the baby back to sleep. I recommend you to hire me before the exhaustion takes place.

I intervene also for the bedridden mother-to-be.​

Baby shower, gender reveal party organization :     on demand

  • I am committed to being able to adapt to the organization of a baby shower to any budget.

  • in case of a fixed budget, I adapt to it, in case of organizational ideas, I adapt the budget.

  • according to your request, I draw up a quote with the pricing conditions.

  • some parameters can modify the price of the service: with or without a home organization appointment, simple organizational help, overall organization, the material included or not, food included or not, a few hours of presence up to a presence all day long (including preparation and tidying up/cleaning from AZ), external services (e.g. photographer)

  • I propose the animation of this day and would submit to you ideas of possible workshops according to your budget

Package - Cconception period, IVF, IUI, abortion

Interval package : 2 emotional support sessions (2h) + 1 uterus treatment (1h30)     150€   


Ardito package : 5 emotional support sessions (2h) to be divided according to your + 1 uterus treatment (1h30)     340€

Package - Pregnancy

Prelude package : 3 prenatal meetings (2h30 x 3)     260€

Coda package : 2 prenatal meetings (2h30x 2) + 2 postnatal meetings (2hx 2)     300€

Soupir package : 4 prenatal meetings (2h30x4) + 1 opening rebozo treatment (1h30)+ 1 postnatal meeting (2h)     470€


Nuance package : 3 prenatal meetings (2h30x 3) + 1 opening rebozo treatment (1h30)+ birth day presence* + 1 postnatal meeting (2h)     650€


*The entire amount of the service is due from the moment I move on the express request of the customers, and this, regardless of the duration of my presence with the parents and/or the course and/or the outcome of childbirth. During home childbirth, my presence during the labor will only be possible after meeting and validation by the liberal midwife concerned. During home childbirth, my presence with the mother in labor cannot be done without that of the liberal midwife concerned. During a birth in a medical structure, my presence in the labor room/birth room will only be possible after validation by the medical team in place. Their agreement can be revoked at any time. During childbirth in Plateau Technique or Maison de naissance, my presence in the labor room will only be possible after validation by the medical team of the structure as well as after meeting and validation with the liberal midwife concerned. My presence at childbirth can only be envisaged in conjunction with that of the medical staff, whether it be in home birth, plateau technique, maison de naissance or hospital.


Important : the perinatal accompaniment offered by Eclore is entirely non-medical and non-therapeutic. It does not in any way replace the compulsory medical follow-up carried out by your midwife, gynecologist or attending physician during your pregnancy, during your childbirth and in the postnatal period. A doula is not a midwife and is in no way authorized to establish diagnoses, nor to carry out medical acts relating to the health of the mother and the baby, the good progress of your pregnancy and / or your childbirth and / or your postpartum period. The professional posture of Eclore a is a practice "friend of the Midwives". Eclore does not offer psychoprophylactic preparation for childbirth.

Prices include travel fee within a radius of 20 km around the headquarters of the association. Beyond that, an additional 0.50€/km.