Services and pricing

Baby's and child's sleep interview(0-5 years old)

Sleep information workshop: before the baby's arrival (1 hour)     60€


Phone/visio interview (1h30) + follow-up phone/visio interview   (30mn/1h)     80€

Physical interview at the parents' home (1h30) + follow-up phone/visio interview (30mn/1h)     110€

Additional follow-up phone/visio interview (30mn/1h)     40€

Workshop-conference for future and young parents (1h30): exchange moment on the theme of sleep to give you the keys to sleep by age, problem, etc.

  • online (visio)     21€/family

  • in company / community / childcare centre     on demand


Atelier collectif

Comprendre et accompagner le sommeil de l'enfant

Ouverts aux futurs parents et parents d'enfants jusqu'à 5 ans.


En collaboration avec la Maison de Naissance Manala de Sélestat.

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To sleep is an essential need just like to eat or to be loved. Good sleep allows the body to regenerate and strengthens the immune system. Sufficient sleep, in terms of quantity and quality, helps the child's brain development and learning. During his sleep, the baby/child records and consolidates what he has experienced and learned during his day. Sleeping well will allow him:

  • to develop physically 

  • to regulate the production of several hormones: growth hormone, but also cortisol, insulin, appetite hormones. Chronic sleep deprivation may partly explain obesity's increase. People who don't sleep enough snack more and are more hungry. Studies have shown that the risk of being overweight appears to be increased for children who don't get enough sleep.

  • to improve concentration, to consolidate information memorized during wake time and promote recent learning

  • to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes in adulthood

  • to strengthen his immune system with probable consequences on susceptibility to infections

  • to reinforce his learning, in terms of both language and motor skills, information learned and strategies to solve a problem

  • to better use his logical reasoning

  • to better manage his emotions

  • to stay alert during the day

  • to concentrate more and for longer

Sleep is one of the major concerns for parents and a central topic of discussion. Opinions, advices, informations and misinformations abound everywhere and are often contradictory. This makes it difficult for parents to find their way around and to know which direction take.

I am passionate about the sleep issue and after several trainings around this topic, I propose to support you to understand your child's sleep, determine reasonable and appropriate expectations and objectives, to bring out solutions that suit you and respectful of your limits.

Prices include travel fee within a radius of 20 km around the headquarters of the association. Beyond that, an additional 0.50€/km.